Welcome to the European Society of Historical Demography (ESHD)

We are pleased to announce the Inaugural Conference to create the European Society of Historical Demography, promoted by the Société de Démographie Historique (SDH), the Asociación de Demografía Histórica (ADEH) and the Società Italiana di Demografia Storica (SIDeS). The Conference will take place in Alghero-Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) on 25-27 September 2014.

The new Society will be established to foster the co-operation between scholars engaged or interested in historical demography studies in Europe, and stimulate interest in population matters in the European Union scientific programmes and agencies as well as among governments, national and international organizations, and the general public.

The breadth and inclusivity of subjects covered by this first European conference on historical demography are related to one of the major aims of the Society which is to promote research and comparison about past and recent demographic experiences in the European countries.

At the conference we intend to set the contents, the research agenda, and the organizational structure of the new Society which is promoted by the union of the three mentioned sponsoring societies of historical demography which share a long relationship and a tradition of common scientific meetings and initiatives. The new Society will favour the widest participation of European individual researchers, as well as research institutions engaged in historical demographic studies.

Simultaneous sessions are the core of the conference programme, but there will also be plenary sessions.